Sea Fishing

As a boat skipper I have over 30 years of sea angling experience and was international sea angling team member and know a trick or two to get a fish to bite. Catching a fish is a great experience, and I will make every effort for everyone to be successful.

The warmer weather brings, Mackerel, Bass, Pollock, Cod, Tope, Gurnards, Flatfish and Rays move in to the coast’s rocky ledges and beaches – just ideal for me to maneuver ‘Lauren Jade’ to put you close to the fish.

Wildlife Watching – Sea

Wild animals are free to move around the cliffs and bays and we will travel slowly along the coast keeping a sharp eye out for seals and seabirds amongst the rock and cliff edges.

Binoculars are available to help you gain close up views and I will help to spot and identify the wildlife during the trip.

You will find the birds and seals sometimes come quite close to the boat so remember to bring your camera.

Wildlife Watching – Shore

From April to September

Seals, Badgers and Birds can be seen along the shorelines around Isle of Whithorn, so ask about a shore-based experience.

From October – March

You can also arrange to see the Geese, Divers, Ducks, Waders and Grebes that gather around Wigtown Bay, Luce Bay and Loch Ryan.

  • A group of us arrived up from London to stay at the Isle of Whithorn.  We booked a Wildlife Watching and a Fishing Trip with Derek.  We were so impressed that he tailor made a half day Fishing Trip for us which included an excellent safety briefing and provided us with instructions on how to fish. In the afternoon we went Wildlife Watching to see a local seal colony, 3 deer and plenty of birdlife.  We were impressed at how much he was in tune with his surroundings and his enthusiasm was catching! Talking with him later in the local pub, we have decided to come up again to try out some of the other activities he has to offer. Great experience altogether! –Dave - London

  • Wether its a bespoke birding day or a fish focused charter trip, Derek is the perfect guide. He offers a friendly knowledgeable service and ensures a safe fun day out. –Sue, Aberdeen