We Offer the following Boat Trips:

  • Fun Days combining Wildlife Watching and Fishing
  • Charter to Isle of Man
  • Charter to Scares Rocks
  • Personal Service – Scattering of Ashes
  • Delivery and Passage Assistance
  • Survey / Filming / Research / Safety Boat
  • Boat Handling and Seamanship Skills

Fun Days combining Wildlife Watching and Fishing

Families and newcomers may like to try these as the emphasis is on having fun while trying to catch a fish and spot our wildlife.

Charter to Scares Rocks

Take a trip out to see the amazing Gannet and Seal Colonies.

Charter to Isle of Man

I am happy to discuss trips to Isle of Man.

Personal Service for a Loved One

I am able to offer a private ceremony for up to 6 people on the ‘Lauren Jade’ as you scatter ashes of a loved one at sea.

For ease other harbours can be used too e.g. Garlieston or Port William – please ask.

Boat Delivery and Passage Assistance

As a commercially endorsed  RYA Yachtmaster Power, I am available for boat deliveries and to give additional help crewing on powerboats around the coast of Britain and Europe.

Survey / Research / Filming / Safety Boat / Press boat

‘Lauren Jade’ can be hired for these activities.

Boat Handling and Seamanship Skills

Boat handling training is offered for those who would like to gain confidence and experience at sea.  Not only can this improve skills and safety techniques it may open up means to employment.

The following can be offered:

  • Boat handling, safety at sea, equipment, navigation and mileage building.
  • Training can be on the ‘Lauren Jade’ or on your own boat.