Start of the season

Cold wind and low sea temperatures at the end of April heralded the start of the fishing season for the intrepid anglers who visited the Isle of Whithorn. We had calm seas and sunshine for the trips and caught a range of species including Pollock, Flatfish, Gurnards, Whiting and Dogfish with the first Mackerel were landed on the 27th of April as predicted by the local angling oracle Mr G

Heading homeThe harbour wall


New rules for Bass fishing 2016

Recreational fishing for bass

If you are a recreational fisherman in the North Sea and Western waters you are subject to the limitations below:

Sea Area ICES Division 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016 1 July 2016 to 31 December
North Sea IVb, IVc Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
East Channel VIId, VIIe Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
Celtic Sea VIIf, VIIg Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
Irish Sea VIIa Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
South West Approaches VIIh Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
West of Ireland VIIj, VIIk 1 bass per fisherman per day 1 bass per fisherman per day

This applies whether you are fishing from a vessel or from the shore.


October Sunshine


October sunshine – Pollock, Flatfish Mackerel, Dogfish and “Rockfish” today – we have had a record number of rocks caught today with more than 10 encrusted boulders hauled aboard of varying sizes …. small Octopus also returned after a photo opportunity.P1010068P1010074


Calm seas and full sun

P1000962 P1000965

A couple of family trips today had the rods bending and big smiles all round. Porpoise were around the boat for a short time and gannets were overhead making the day enjoyable. Mixed fish today with Pollock and Gurnard bringing interesting species to examine before returning to the sea.


East Coast Explorers

P1000956 P1000950 P1000959 P1000953

22/8/15 The Border Boys try to some west coast fishing, Tope, Bull Huss, Thorn Back and Wrass brought a change of species to these anglers who normally fish for cod on the east coast. With a wee bit of help with the end tackle and the fish started to run as the seas settled down to a calm day.


A view from the Isle

Stayed up at the Isle of Whithorn last week and brought my boat with me which is something I try to do every year and have done for quite sometime. Can I just say that I was really pleased to see you out and about on your boat giving the odd wave as we passed. The Isle of Whithorn has been screaming out for a boat like yours for ages to let others who don’t own boats experience some of the best fishing and amazing coast line and wildlife South Scotland has to offer! You have a brilliant set up (very jealous haha) and everyone I spoke to in the Steam Packet that had been out on trips with you couldn’t speak highly enough of the service you offer!! Good on you, and all the very best luck smile emoticon tight lines

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