A safe pair of hands


17/8/15 Tope in a safe pair of hands. A cracking run from this Tope had the rod under full compression and the reel screaming as the braid was stripped off the spool. It was a very hard struggle gaining line while retrieving the fish from 30m of water but perseverance is the key, some time later the Tope appeared at the surface, side on. The hook had slipped and caught in the middle of the fish making it a dead weight retrieval. We were rewarded with a big smile and a photo or two, the Tope was quickly returned to the sea and quickly swam off.


11/8/15 Huss of the Day



Local Angler learns that Bull Huss are bar of muscle when fishing off the boat close to the Isle. Only a few bits this trip, a good Tope (35lb+) was brought to the side of boat


Loch Lomond Boys

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David Nicolson Big thanks to Derek for a great day out. We had never fished out of Whithorn before and we were not disappointed. took a wee while to get mackerel, but got about fifty and with some frozen had enough for the day. Got the anchor down and were soon into a steady stream of Huss, some going double figures. I missed a couple of Tope before Adam got the first about 35lb, there were a few about and a couple followed some hooked whiting to the surface, one taking a whiting of the feathers. We ended up with over twenty huss and nine Tope, mostly over thirty pounds, with one pup about ten pounds. Saw loads of Dolphins and a few porpoise, great day on a good boat with a good skipper, we will return.


Smiles for fish


One mackerel at a time please when they are this big. Off shore winds enabled a couple of family trips today. Plenty of Mackerel, Gurnards, Pollock and Dogfish kept the rods working and the smiles coming.



Lee  “Thanks again for today, fantastic fun for all. See you again soon” 

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