Low water fishing

Traveled along the coast to find some Tope during a low water trip, the large sizes Mackerel were easily caught using feathers providing a source of bait.

Pollock were showing an interest to the rigs as we ran close to the reefs and rock outcrops some larger ones were caught too – all returned.

At anchor the Tope were slow to show and the ever present dogfish continually wore the baits away.

Dabs and Whiting with Gurnard kept up our interest on the light rods as a couple of Tope made strong runs, dropping the bait before the hook set.

An estimated  25 lb fish was released in the water after fighting hard.


Gurnard in Some Numbers

Tricky wind and tide conditions prevented access to the main Pollock marks at Burrowhead yesterday but visiting the Austrian fisherman caught spectacular looking Tub Gurnards on baited feathers east of the Isle of Whithorn.

Pollock and Mackerel adding the the evenings catch.


Fishing Friends

A group of friends explored the seas around The Isle of Whithorn 18th June. Fishing Party



Most of the group had not held a rod until today but a good range of species including Cod, Ling, Whiting, Mackerel, Red and Tub Gurnard gave an insight to the local fishes.


A Range of Animals seen today

Otter seen on the beach at Monreith, with 5 Ravens flying overhead.

Out on the boat we had very close encounters with Razorbills swimming on the sea around the cliffs at Burrowhead


Dalbeattie SAC

Six members of DSAC enjoyed a specimen hunt along the coast of the Isle of Whithorn visiting wrecks and reefs along the way.



Evening Trip to Burrowhead

Monday 9th June

The calm sea conditions provided an opportunity to travel down to the marks around Burrowhead.

Pollock were attracted to shrimp rigs close to the tide race – all returned, a few mackerel were hooked off the Isle of Whithorn before the anglers returned to enjoy a swift pint as they watched the last of the sunset over the harbour.


Isle Of Whithorn

Isle of Whithorn 7th June

Large numbers of Manx Shearwaters passing along the coast in groups of 20-40 and 150, counted in a raft just offshore.

A few Gannets in various plumage ages flying close the shoreline, also Sandwich Tern, nesting Rock Pipit and Carrion Crow, Oystercatcher showing well on the rocky outcrops close to the harbour. 


Woodland Walks

21 May 2014

Cree Woods

Walking in the Cree Woods north of Newton Stewart produced a good range of interesting birds:


Tree Pipit, Redstart, Wood Warbler, Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher were among the star bird seen on the day.

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