Start of the season

Cold wind and low sea temperatures at the end of April heralded the start of the fishing season for the intrepid anglers who visited the Isle of Whithorn. We had calm seas and sunshine for the trips and caught a range of species including Pollock, Flatfish, Gurnards, Whiting and Dogfish with the first Mackerel were landed on the 27th of April as predicted by the local angling oracle Mr G

Heading homeThe harbour wall


New rules for Bass fishing 2016

Recreational fishing for bass

If you are a recreational fisherman in the North Sea and Western waters you are subject to the limitations below:

Sea Area ICES Division 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016 1 July 2016 to 31 December
North Sea IVb, IVc Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
East Channel VIId, VIIe Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
Celtic Sea VIIf, VIIg Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
Irish Sea VIIa Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
South West Approaches VIIh Catch and release only 1 bass per fisherman per day
West of Ireland VIIj, VIIk 1 bass per fisherman per day 1 bass per fisherman per day

This applies whether you are fishing from a vessel or from the shore.


Winter bird watching

30/1/16 Bird watching trip to Loch Ryan and West Freugh. Greenland White Front, Pink Footed, Brent, Canada and Greylag Geese, Great Crested and Slavonian Grebes, Eider, Scoter, Scaup, Wigeon, Merganser, Goldeneye and Long Tailed Ducks with Red Throated Divers and a murmuration of Starlings to end the day.




January 2016
The geese are starting to build up in some numbers here with 1500 plus Barnacles Geese on Wigtown Bay, numbers of Greylags Pinkfeet, Greenland White Fronts, Pale Bellied Brent Geese can be easily spotted close to the shore a few Canada Geese are found around the larger Lochs, close inspection of the wildfowl flocks could turn up a rare bird or two for the fortunate bird watcher. The Grebes, Sea-ducks and Divers are now established around Loch Ryan and Luce Bay. Some of the white winged gulls are on the coast but they are a little hard to find among the flocks of black headed and herring gulls but the persistent observer can sort them out in time.


At Wigtown Bay LNR

Damp and overcast at the Guide in the Hide today Highlights were 5 Little Egret, a flush of 33 Snipe, and a Water Rail showing close to the hide, several sets of fresh Otter tracks leading up from the river indicated a bit of early morning moment. Come along to next weeks free event 11th November at 1.00pm as the “Winter bird watching is getting better by the day”

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