On the ‘Lauren Jade’ everyone is welcomed. We offer a variety of fishing trips to suit all levels – from groups of experienced anglers to learners and families just looking to catch a Mackerel or two for tea!

I have over 30 years of sea angling experience and know a trick or two to get a fish to bite. Catching a big fish is a great experience, and I will make every effort for everyone to be successful.

With the warmer weather brings the Mackerel and the Tope fishing with Bull Huss and Rays, Smooth Hounds too. Bass, Pollock, Cod, Gurnards and Flatfish are also caught along the coast’s rocky ledges and beaches.

Types of fishing

You can book for half or full day trips, the departure times will vary according to the tide.  Fish conservation is very much part of our ethos following a ‘Catch and Release Policy’, and I ask people to keep only ‘Two for Tea.’

And Give Fish a Chance  – Fish sustainably, only take fish for the table which have had a chance to reproduce and have respect for those you do catch.

Inshore Fishing

This is especially suitable for newcomers and families, but everyone including the experienced can catch Mackerel, Wrasse, Flatfish or Coalfish.  The fishing is close to shore, at anchor or drifting using baits such as Sandeels, Lugworms, Rag worms, Crab or Feathers.

Reef fishing

When drifting or at anchor over reefs and sandbanks, catches can include: Tope, Rays, Wrasse, Flatfish, Coalfish, Rays, Bull Huss, Smooth Hounds, Gurnards and Cod.
The best baits to use are Sandeels, Ragworm, Lugworms and Peeler Crabs.
Fresh Mackerel is recommended to attract Tope and Rays.

As a scuba diver I know where the local wrecks provide some excellent fish.

Cliffs and Rocks

Burrowhead and St Ninian’s Cave are difficult to access on foot, but in the boat we can get close to the fish along these steep cliffs and rocky outcrops.
Experienced anglers use plugs and lures, although, float and fly-fishing can also be successful for catching Bass and Pollock.

Specimen Hunts and Competitions

Specialist anglers can also catch mini-species for specimen records or search for a range of species during competitions.


A variety of good quality rods and reels can be hired on board. Each rod includes a suitable reel and one set of tackle.  Should tackle be lost, replacements can be purchased for a small cost on the boat.

The suggested tackle for catching Pollock, Wrasse, Flatfish, Coalfish and Gurnards is a light boat rod and reel (12/15lb) class, or a spinning rod using size 4 to 3/0 Aberdeen hooks along with 2-4oz weights.

For larger fish such as Tope, Huss, Rays and Pollock, 20lb class rods and reels are recommended with 4/0 to 10/0 hooks and 4-10oz weights.

I am happy to discuss appropriate tackle for catching any species of fish including the use of heavy nylon traces for Tope


We do not sell fresh bait, but this can be ordered and purchased from tackle shops in Newton Stewart, Stranraer or Castle Douglas .  Fresh mackerel can also be caught from the boat and worms can be dug from the local beaches and back-filling holes is recommended, but please do not dig in the harbours.

Links to Local Tackle Shops

What should I bring with me?

  • Layers of clothing including sensible shoes, hat, waterproofs.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from glare of reflected rays of the sun.
  • Binoculars if you have some, but these can be hired on the boat.
  • Snacks, a warm drink or water.
  • Any required medication, seasick tablets or travel bands.
  • Camera to take pictures of those ‘Magic Moments’.

What we ask of you

  • To take care and be safe at all times while on the harbour or boat.
  • Everybody to wear life jackets at all times (supplied).
  • No smoking or alcohol on board and anybody under the influence will be refused to board.
  • Respect for the wildlife passengers and crew.
  • No pollution – please take all rubbish home.

What to expect

  • An experienced, sociable and considerate skipper who is skilled in sea angling and as an environmental guide.
  • A safety talk and demonstration before going out to sea.
  • Offer of evaluation form at end of trip so I know what you’ve enjoyed and where I can improve.
  • Having your safety at interest, my decision regarding all trips is final.